Canopy Replacement Filter
Canopy Replacement Filter
Canopy Replacement Filter
Canopy Replacement Filter

Canopy Replacement Filter


Replacement filter for our HHS-award winning, transparent, ASTM F3502-compliant Barrier Face Covering.

Filter Cores tested for 480 hours of use without performance changes.

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Canopy’s silicone seal is soft on your skin and snug on your face, guarding you from exposure without leaving a mark. Our injection-molded, easy-to-adjust Hero straps have a headpiece so comfortable you’ll forget it’s there.

Converting to Canopy also means you’ll spend considerably less on PPE while eliminating up to 100 pounds of landfill waste per year. Because Canopy is made from durable, high-performance polymers that are simple to wipe down with common disinfectants, you’ll never worry about being without proper protection.

DISCLAIMER: Canopy is not certified by NIOSH or the FDA as a medical device and we cannot recommend Canopy for use in a clinical setting. Canopy complies with ASTM F3502-21 Barrier Face Covering Standards only..



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Because Canopy is made from durable, high-performance polymers, you can easily wipe it down with most common disinfectant wipes, isopropyl alcohol, soap and water, bleach, and others. Hero straps and face seal are dishwasher-safe. Do not submerge Filter Core.

The Canopy Ecosystem

We've designed the Canopy family to be a fully modular, interchangeable ecosystem. Our architecture offers organization-wide operability, meeting the broadest range of use-cases and risk profiles.


Filtration Efficiency
Filter Replacement
Interchangeable filter offers easy replacement
Face seal
Two-sizes-fit-all hypoallergenic silicone
Eyewear Compatibility
Accommodates glasses without fogging
Compatible with most common disinfectant wipes
Permanent anti-fog coating on front lens
Face Shield Integration
Compatible with most face shields
Load-balanced 200-250g; feels weightless
Filter life
Tested to 480 hours
Man wearing Canopy Mask
Jerrett, Firefighter


One crisis should not give rise to another. While we’re dedicated to protecting the health of people around the world, it’s equally important to us that we take care of the planet we all call home. A commitment to Canopy is a commitment to the well-being of the people and places we love.


Disposable N95s are costly and wasteful. Converting to Canopy means you’ll spend considerably less on PPE while eliminating up to 100 pounds of landfill waste per year.

Equal Access

Our forthcoming 501(c)(3) nonprofit will partner with leading NGOs, governments, and public health organizations to distribute Canopy respirators to populations in need, both domestic and abroad.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Josh F. (The Bronx, NY, US)
Awesome mask

Love my canopy. It’s comfy and comforting. I don’t doubt the seal or the mask’s effectiveness like I do regular n95s. It’s big and attracts attention but after a friendly exchange, some people have expressed curiosity about cost and availability. I teach in mine and it’s fine for long days. Highly recommended for anyone who wants the best protection and doesn’t mind standing out a bit.

Kim Tran (Ontario, ON, CA)
Great mask! Should be NIOSH approved!

Love the canopy mask! I was skeptical as I literally found it while googling for a see through mask since I have older patients who read lips. Purchased this on a whim but wanted to be certain that it does what it says. It is VERY easy to breathe in. It also is easy to don and doff. It seems bulky but patients really appreciate being able to read my lips and seeing my face.
To be safe, I had contacted a company here who does mask fitting (CIMRO). I passed two N95 masks - the 3M Aura 1870 and the Dentx 2020H Plus. It was done with a portacount. While the other two passed, the canopy were the best fitted and passed with flying colors, even when moving my head, talking loudly, and bending.
It is bigger than regular N95, so I store it in a small Dollarama clear plastic box with a handle and it fits perfectly.
A few key points, I would recommend having 2 masks. It seals so well so there is accumulation of moisture if you are talking all day, so it does slip down the nose a bit if I use it for an entire day but the seal remains intact, just not as comfortable as when at the beginning of the day. So I do use one per half day just as I do with regular N95. This is so it has time to dry. You will have to bend your head more to see your fingers when you type. So this happens when I can't find my computer mouse. But I do small procedures all day and can see easily and my neck feels great. It is very light. My goggles did not fog at all, so you know the seal is working. With the 3M Aura, even though it passed the mask fit test, after a few hours, the seal doesn't hold and my goggles do fog.
Overall very happy and would highly recommend it. 

Customer (Sydney, NSW, AU)
The Respirator of the Future

I am giving the Canopy high marks. It has P2 level protection yet only very minimally reduces vocal clarity compared to other elastomeric masks which severely muffle your speaking voice. Of all of the elastomerics I have tested for preservation of vocal output (measuring dB output) the Canopy is easily the best. The transparent front allows hearing impaired patients to lip read and is even better in this regard than my Halo PAPR elastomeric. It has none of the confronting gas mask like look found on many elastomeric P3 respirators like those from 3M and Sundström. It is extremely comfortable, comparable in level to my Dräger X-Plore 2100 P3 respirator, only more aesthetically pleasing and socially acceptable. It does not accumulate condensation inside as some elastomerics are prone to. It is easy to don and doff. This futuristic design is thus a clear winner in my books and I can say that with confidence now I have tested and worn quite a few elastomerics. My only wish is that the NIOSH approval will come through soon making it more acceptable to OH&S in hospitals to give the go ahead for HCWs to wear this. So until then I will be using it as my everyday mask outside of the hospital (once the NIOSH approval comes through I might consider it in low risk clinical settings if case numbers are low, otherwise I am sticking to the PAPR when seeing COVID patients). Other than that the thorough external laboratory testing results made available are more than enough reassurance of safety even without official NIOSH approval. The Canopy may cost a bit more upfront but it is reusable and more environmentally friendly than disposable masks. I can see it having high social acceptability amongst medical clerical staff (elastomerics have been shown in studies more comfortable than N95 masks and stop your glasses fogging because you get an immediately superior fit/seal in +90% of subjects), nursing/medical staff and patients.

fam mann
Feels so good, like normal breathing without obstacle.

Best respirator I had. When using make sure it is all fully joined together before putting on. Its parts hold together very. Flomask has a better breathable bag than canopy but this is okay. I keep canopy filter part in my flomask bag to make sure no crumbs from anywhere get into filter when not in use. I do stick out with this mask but felt surprisingly okay about it once I actually wore it. Great design. I am in love with it. Just so good that these people went through all this effort and made this life saver. Does not get too wet in there either. Extremely good fit for my face. I sometimes wear a fleece hat under the calo strap but even without the fleece I like the strap enourmously. Much more than too flexible straps. A tupperware box with holes can be good to protect the respirator when tucked in my backpack. I was recommended this mask by Nicolas from I trust him on anything and he was right as always about how good this mask is. My daughter can see my mouth when I talk through the mask to her. I never liked a product so much before except for my child's flomask. I keep the product info with me in case someone needs proof that this mask is nonvalved. If I am asked to wear a throw-away mask, I always have an Aura ready around my neck.

Raymond Kammerer (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Proper Fitting & Worry Free

Fits snug to face, over my goatee. No more fogged glasses.
People see my smile again, puts them at ease.
They get the jokes & quips again.