Doctor and nurse wearing canopy respirator

All together now

Take care of your team with Canopy’s ecosystem of respiratory protection solutions, all while reducing PPE costs and eliminating up to 100 pounds of landfill waste per employee per year.

To order a sample or speak with one of our team members to learn how to get Canopy, please contact us.

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Doctor and nurse wearing Canopy
Canopy respirators being stored
Woman with Canopy Mask resting on Chest
Paula, ICU Nurse Practitioner
Woman donning Canopy respirator
Elani, Med Student

Canopy — For Teams

Relying on the expertise of healthcare professionals and frontline workers, we designed Canopy so that your team members can do their jobs without putting themselves or others at risk.


  • Enhance employee performance
  • Reduce cost and waste
  • Increase customer & patient satisfaction

Something For Everyone

Canopy is available in multiple strap styles, and orders can be customized to match your brand. More standard colors are coming soon. In the meantime, contact us for a custom request.

  • Hero in Cloud
  • Flex in Shadow (coming soon)
Canopy Mask — Cloud
Canopy Mask — Carbon
Nurse wearing Canopy

Canopy is a professional-grade respirator that is supremely comfortable, breathable, and transparent. The Hero straps offer our most secure fit and a sterilizable design, while Flex (coming soon) offers a pocket-size form factor with equal protection. Or choose both. They are interchangeable, without tools, in seconds.

  • Volume pricing and custom branding available
  • Interchangeable straps
  • Industry-leading one-year limited warranty
  • Removable face shield attachment in 2021


Canopy’s silicone seal is soft on your skin and snug on your face, guarding you from exposure without leaving that “bridge of honor” behind. Our hospital-grade respirator comes with easy-to-adjust neck straps and a headpiece so comfortable you’ll forget it’s there.

Converting to Canopy also means you’ll spend considerably less on PPE while eliminating up to 100 pounds of landfill waste per year. Because Canopy is made from durable, high-performance polymers that are simple to wipe down with common disinfectants, you’ll never worry about being without proper protection.


Shipping — Initial deliveries Q2 2021

Initial Canopy orders will ship following federal NIOSH certification. Shipping is free within the US. You’ll receive an email once your order is on its way.


Because Canopy is made from durable, high-performance polymers, you can easily wipe it down with most common disinfectant wipes like isopropyl alcohol, Cidex OPA® and others.

The Canopy Ecosystem

We've designed the Canopy ecosystem to be a fully modular. Our architecture offers organization-wide interoperability for a broad range of use-cases and risk profiles, with more exciting options coming soon.


Filtration Efficiency
>95% at 0.3 micron
Filter Replacement
Interchangeable filter offers easy replacement
Face seal
Two-sizes-fit-all hypoallergenic, biocompatible silicone
Eyewear Compatibility
Accommodates glasses without fogging
Compatible with most common disinfectant wipes
Fog mitigation
Permanent anti-fog coating on front lens
Face Shield integration
Compatible with most face shields; CanopyShield coming early 2021
Load-balanced 200-250g; feels weightless
Assembled in the USA
Man wearing Canopy Mask


One crisis should not give rise to another. While we’re dedicated to protecting the health of people around the world, it’s equally important to us that we take care of the planet we all call home. A commitment to Canopy is a commitment to the well-being of the people and places we love.


Disposable N95s are costly and wasteful. Converting to Canopy means you’ll spend considerably less on PPE while eliminating up to 100 pounds of landfill waste per year.

Equal Access

Our forthcoming 501(c)(3) nonprofit will partner with leading NGOs, governments, and public health organizations to distribute Canopy respirators to populations in need, both domestic and abroad.